Phin County is a group of towns and cities in AlphaWorld and AWTeen. These towns over the years have grown and became wonderful places to visit.
  • Greenwood Acres

  • Hicks Town
    Founded in Dec, 1998. Is the oldest city in Phin County. Is now the county capital.

  • Noctrin City

  • North Hicks Town

  • Nottsville
    Nottsville is a community based around four islands, with beautiful landscape, and good build themes etc.

  • Shortopia

  • Soap Town

  • TigerPaw City
    A growing city with many differant suburbs. Join this new city and help it grow.

  • Valley Meadows

  • Rockford Township

    • Rockford
      The city of Rockford is the center of a large metropolitan area connected together by two Interstate highways.

    • Peaceful Valley
      Peaceful Valley is a small, friendly town and the oldest permanent settlement in the Rockford Township.

    • Peaceville
      A former capital of former Peace Colony (now state of Rockford).

  • Greenbrier Township

    • Lexington
      A fast-growing city that strives to be realistic and satisfying for every visitors who wanted to experience a realistic urban world (and suburbs/countrysides too).
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